Mind-Body Magic

Reclaim your energy, well-being, and magic with Abigail Morgan

Stop pushing yourself.
Feel better in your body.
Do more of what you love.

Don’t let perfectionism and self-pressure steal your well-being.

You’re pressuring yourself so much to get it right, do better, and be better. The self-judgment, the stress, the self-doubt; it’s exhausting. You’re working so hard, trying so hard, and never satisfied with your results. On top of that, your body is not working the way you want it to. You miss your creativity. Where did it all go?

Life should feel doable.

Being hard on ourselves, squashing our dreams, and bowing down to endless tasks and pressures hurts our bodies, minds, and spirits. It’s an old patriarchal pattern. It creates emotional exhaustion. It creates ongoing stress, physical symptoms, overwhelm, and fear.

Reclaim your feminine power and well-being with Mind-Body Magic

  • Use mind-body-spirit tools to release tension and stress so your body can feel better
  • Surprise yourself with how much more you accomplish when you lose the self-pressure
  • Access your inner wisdom so it can guide you to well-being and more of what you love
  • Take action from a place of inspiration, not fear or pressure
  • Enjoy magic and freedom; put forth way less effort and have a lot more fun while getting much better results

Mind-Body Magicians Unite!

It's challenging to trust mind-body magic

FREE 7 Days of Slacker Magic

Slacker Magic is the art of strategic slacking guided by inner wisdom. 

7 days of Slacker Magic will teach you some Slacker Magic basics so that you can accomplish more and feel on top of your game without using self-pressure to get there. 

Slacker Magic will help you have more fun and delight and still achieve goals. 


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Mind-Body Magic Community

The Mind-Body Magic Community is a spiritual community. It’s a place to openly connect with your spirit, get support in doing so, be out loud about your love of magic and spirit, and share emotions that need processing in order to feel closer to spirit. 

You’ll get to feel heard, seen, and celebrated for the aspects of your being that normal culture doesn’t acknowledge. 

It’s a place where you get to live in a new culture that actually supports the real you. 


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